Best Running Shoes for Men India

To start with, running shoes are mandatory for those who are regularly into gym and work outs. Those who are very much conscious about their fitness regimes should concentrate on buying a good pair of running shoes. Ensure that you maintain two different pairs of shoes, one for indoor and another for outdoor. Outdoor shoes should have small pikes if you’re an athlete as you need that grip to push and run. Let us discuss about more about best running shoes for men India:

Here are the best running shoes for men:

Adidas: They have wide variety of shoes and they are the brand ambassadors of Indian football league. The price range starts from INR 3000 if you’re specifically looking for a running shoes. The cushioning and sole is absolutely brilliant in adidas and you can feel that comfort while running. You can even use these shoes for a multi-purpose use like playing football and cricket. At times these running shoes might skid on turf as it will not have studs on the other side.

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Reebok: One of the best running shoes for men india. They have been in the industry from many years and they were totally into running shoes. Now that the competition has increased, they have gone down. When you have to compare these things with price and comfort, Reebok is still considered as the best. Way back in 2009-2010, they used to charge INR 7,000+ for the running shoes. INR 7,000 was a huge amount as it was supposed to be a one month salary for many.

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Nike: Official Sponsors for Team India. They are totally into this sports apparels and considerably doing good from many years. Since that they are the brand ambassadors for many franchise, quality is at top notch. You don’t have bother about the quality at all and likewise they have a very good customer support if you’re ordering it online. When it comes to cost, it is bit higher because of the comfort and the feel that it offers. It would cost around INR 6500 for a pair of running shoes.

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We hope this answers most of your doubts regarding the Best Running Shoes for Men India. Just in case you have any further questions, you can always ask us in the comments. Stay connected to us for more such sections. Thanks for reading!