Casual Western Outfits for Men

Outfit 1:  Blue Jeans + Black Levis Tee + Black Bomber Jacket + Adidas White Stan Smith Sneakers For Men.

This cool outfit is perfect for going out with your friends in the evening or going out for shopping. This is simple but cool outfit will work well many situations.

This cool outfit is perfect for guys who are aged between 18 to 40. Now, I am not saying people older than 40 can’t wear this outfit, they most definitely can if they want to look younger than their age. Now, you can also opt for a plain black tee for this outfit. If you are not a fan of graphic or brand logo tee.

Outfit 2: Light Blue Washed Denim + White Crew Neck Tee + Cool Vans Sneakers. 

This simple and subtle outfit combination is timeless. It is impossible to not look good in this cool outfit.
Whenever you are doubt, and not sure what to wear, this is the outfit combination that will save your life. This cool outfit for guys will work any situations or occasions.
The good part about this outfit is that you can dress up or dress down easilyLayer it up with a cool navy blazer and you are ready for the formal event or throw a leather or bomber jacket over it and you are ready to hit the dance floor

Outfit 3: Black Ripped Jeans + Denim Shirt + Black Leather Jacket + White Sneakers. 

This cool outfit for guys is perfect for you if you are a fan of double denim outfits.
A lot of experts say that one should not wear denim on denim. And they call this a cardinal fashion crime. But I completely disagree.
I believe that double denim is one of the coolest outfit combinations that a guy can wear.
However, there is one important thing you can’t miss if you decide to try this double denim look. Never wear washed top and bottom together. What I mean if you are wearing a washed jeans then opt for a simple denim shirt, and vice versa.
Now, a leather jacket is a seasonal piece in this outfit. if you are wearing this outfit in the summers then you can ditch the leather jacket and opt for a lightweight denim shirt.

Outfit 4: Black Jeans + White Crew Neck Tee + Black Field Jacket or Black Denim Shirt + Black Boots 

You’ll agree with me when I say black and white is one of the best outfit combinations of all time. You can never ever go wrong with a black and white outfit.

This is a very versatile outfit. You can wear it on a number of different occasions. If you are wearing this outfit in the summers, you can do away with the jacket and just go a cool jeans and tee outfit.

From an early noon brunch to night our with friends with friends or going a date with your girl, this outfit will work no matter what.

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