Western Outfits For Women

Fashion changes every season and girls have to be ready for that if they wish to look stylish and trendy. Casual clothes are made for everyday use, but it doesn’t mean that they should look dull and boring. There are different types of dresses created for going to school, university, and college, meeting your friends, shopping and walking your dog outside.

T-shirt Dress

It is often made of pure cotton or viscose and the sleeve is generally short. The colours may vary and so may the length. This simple casual dress goes well with jeans or leggings if it is very short. Certainly, it is always popular among teenage girls and young women. Easy to wear and to take care of – these are the mainstream trends in casual western dresses types.

Different fancy dresses include mostly stunning and quite expensive party, cocktail and special occasions garments. Here you can find a classic long dress of various colours and shapes if a woman attends a wedding of a friend. Or a provoking strapless dress of a toxic bright colour for a nightclub outing with a boyfriend. Such type of a dress can be of any possible length and material. Of course, there is a huge variety of fancy types of dresses for girls.

Dungaree Dress

Simple but classy dungarees are again popular these days! Once they were completely forgotten by the designers and women. Looks like now they are back in the mainstream! Made mostly of blue or black high-quality denim dungaree dress really stands out of the crowd. The most peculiar thing about this garment is certainly its big pocket on the chest and two straps on the shoulders which make it easily recognizable. It is usually combined with a top, blouse or a T-shirt. This dress has definitely made a long way from just a cheap uniform of sailors and workers to a trendy fashionable dress.

Bodycon Dress

There are different types of dresses and their names sometimes are confusing. For example, a bodycon dress is one of them. This garment is presented in mini, midi and maxi variations, its sleeves can be of any length. What is common about all bodycon is that they are really tight. They try to “hug” the body which sometimes looks quite eccentric and provoking. These fashionable dresses can be both casual and fancy! Or both at the same time! Polyester is the main material used by factories to produce this type of a garment. Its elasticity is the key. The first trendy awesome bodycon dress appeared in the early 1980’s in the West. Since then this dress has never lost its popularity even though it may be a challenge to put on such a dress!

Strapless Dress

The strapless dress was created and introduced to the public in the 1930’s. The first reaction to it was either a complete shock or a crazy astonishment at the same time. A strapless and sleeveless dress gave so-called ‘naked’ look to a woman. Inside the dress, there is usually a corset which supports the dress on the body of a woman and prevents it from slipping down. In the 20th century, the garment changed numerous times but it never lost it popularity as an evening, wedding, party and cocktail dress. Though this simple-looking strapless dress became a reason for corporate and even religious disputes. Even now this garment isn’t allowed in most of the offices and churches! Strapless western dresses images can be easily found in different picture galleries on the Internet.

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